Ice Ice baby

Na na na na nananana, vanilla…. Now that I have that lovely late 80’s tune stuck in your head ;), let me tell you that Houston creates an outdoor ice rink during the months of November through mid January downtown. Sunday we decided to go skating since it was 75 degrees out! {being from Wisconsin my husband I I thought this was awesome since 75 degrees and iceskating aren’t mentioned in the same sentence there :)} So we dug out the girls skates, packed everything up and headed down to make the 11 am opening. Unfortunately when we got there the management decided it was simply too warm and postponed opening until 4pm. 😦 This was no good for us since both ladies had tests to study for in the afternoon. We decided to go to luch instead at the Spaghetti Warehouse, delish! Then the girls still wanted to go skating after lunch so we went to the indoor rink (A LOT COLDER!) instead. It was lots of fun to see the improvement as they have gotten older and it is always fun to watch my husband skate with them since his feet seem to mold seemlessly to his skates 🙂

Outdoor rink…a bust this time!

Still lots of fun at the indoor rink!


5 thoughts on “Ice Ice baby

  1. Love the vibrant colours you captured in the indoor rink shots. I like the way you have put everyone together in that last posed family shot. Looks like you are blessed with a happy family and that you all had a wonderful day 🙂

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