From Wierd to Whim….

This weekend brought the promised business I have come to expect 🙂 We had gorgeous weather, which prompted a lot of outdoor time for my family. One of the indoor activites I did with my older daughter was take her to the “From Wierd to Whim” Young Adult Authors convention that our fantastic library put together. Six local YA authors spent an hour answering questions about their writing styles and processes then did a book signing. It was a great experience for both of us!

Now I haven’t really read a lot of the current YA novels even though I devoured them as a kid. As an adult I’m an avid reader of women’s fiction. If my daughter seems really interested in a certain book/series I’ll pick it up and read it so I can talk with her about it, but she and I RARELY agree on much of anything…she is almost 13, what can I say, and our choices in literature are no exception (she likes paranormal and horror, ick)!

I have tried to be more open minded since she is the one who introduced me to the Twilight series, which I loved, but would have never in a million bazillion years chosen to read on my own. I received the email from the library about this event and put it on the calendar but was tempted to skip it with the awesome weather, I’m so glad I didn’t!

“From Wierd to Whim” brought together paranormal YA authors and readers, after listening to these authors I want to read ALL of their books, go figure!!!

Tali purchased the latest C.C. Hunter book and was able to get it signed…she told me I needed to start finding more of these type of events because they were so awesome 🙂 {I love it when I get that, it helps offset all the many many eyeball rolls lol!}


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