Got Music?

I’m curious to know, do all dogs love music?

When my girls finally get around to practicing their piano my dog always, even if she is in a dead sleep, gets up and comes to lay in the practice room aka the “green room”. Now that we are on a piano hiatus, due to overwhelming school and sport schedules, the pup hasn’t really had that opportunity to get her music fix (she is only a fan of live music, blaring music from teen bedrooms doesn’t interest her at all.)

Today my youngest decided to practice her cello in the green room. Pup was very curious about this and decided to skootch up and take a look. After deciding it wasn’t a big stick she found her comfortable spot and took her customary musical stance, curled up listening to her practice.

(Not the best pixs but we were laughing so hard it was a secondary concern!)


4 thoughts on “Got Music?

  1. In college I had a dog from the rescue shelter. She was a full blood Bichon Frise and had this huge puff of a white head. At the time, the play Amadeus was quite popular, so we promptly named her Constanza Mozart because she too had big white hair! We called her Stanzi. Anyway, Stanzi was well trained by someone… when the phone would ring she would jump up and bark and run in circles, and she could do all the standard dog tricks, roll over, etc. But the funniest thing was when we would play music on the stereo she would curl up and go to sleep (especially Big Band). But the minute it stopped, she would jump up and bark at the stereo until we put the music on again.

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